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Daniel Bombick, ph.d - COurses

Courses taught at Wright State University

CHM 121: Submicroscopic Chemistry. Structure and Properties of atoms and molecules and the macroscopic consequences thereof.

CHM 122: Macroscopic Chemistry. Physical and chemical behavior of large collections of atoms and molecules.

CHM 123: Reaction Dynamics. Quantitative aspects of chemistry; emphasis on computational and experimental estimation of the composition of chemical systems.

CHM 245: Concepts in Chemistry . An accelerated treatment of fundamental concepts and applications of chemistry for elementary education majors. Those concrete observable topics most appropriate for presentation to elementary and middle school students will be emphasized. Demonstrations and activities are used extensively. For elementary education majors. Integrated lecture/lab.

CHM 312/314: Quantitative Analysis. Introduction to chemical methods of analysis covering traditional as well as modern techniques and equipment; emphasis on calculations and the interpretation of analytical data. Laboratory portion:Experimental methods of analysis.

CHM 435/436: Instrumental Analysis. Introduction to the theory and practice of modern chemical instrumentation. Elementary electronics, spectrophotometry, atomic absorption, electro-chemical techniques, chromatography, and other instrumental techniques. Laboratory portion: Introduction to experimental instrumental analysis. Practical experience in the operation of chemical instrumentation; emphasizes applications of material presented in CHM 435.

CHM 762: Current Topics in Mass Spectrometry. Current topics in mass spectrometry are discussed with emphasis on theory and state-of-the-art instrumentation and ionization methods.

CHM 763:Analytical Separations: Theory of separations techniques are reviewed. The two techniques of gas and liquid chromatography are discussed with emphasis in column technology, inlet systems and detection devices.

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