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david dolson, ph.d - vita

David A. Dolson
Department of Chemistry
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Dayton, OH 45435

Voice: 937-775-2028
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e-mail: david.dolson@wright.edu
URL: http://www.chm.wright.edu/dolson


B.S., Chemistry, 1976, Eastern Illinois University 
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, 1981, Indiana University, with Prof. Charles S. Parmenter


NRC-NBS Postdoctoral.Fellow, 1981-83, Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, National Bureau of Standards, and University of Colorado, with Prof. Stephen R. Leone.

Professional Positions:

Senior Research Scientist, 1983-86, Environmental Sciences Dept., General Motors Research Laboratories, Warren, MI.

Research Scientist, Ohio State University, 1987, with Prof. Terry A. Miller, Department of Chemistry.

Assistant Professor, 1987-88, Department of Chemistry, Murray State University.

Assistant Professor, 1988-94, Department of Chemistry, Wright State University.

Associate Professor, 1994-present, Department of Chemistry, Wright State University.

Research Associate, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University 1996-97, with Dr. Paul B. Davies, Department of Chemistry. (sabbatical appointment)

Visiting Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997, with Prof. Mario J. Molina, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. (sabbatical appointment)


Physical Chemistry

Research Interests:

Kinetic studies of laser-initiated gas phase chemical chain reactions, E-V and T-V energy transfer, laser-excited fluorescence, and diode laser absorption spectroscopy.

Recent Publications:

B. N. Ganguly and D. A. Dolson, Direct comparison of electric field measurement by fluorescence and optogalvanic Stark spectroscopies, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 9 (2000) 437-440. 

M. Loroño, D. A. Dolson, and P. B. Davies, Infrared laser jet spectroscopy of the n11 fundamental band of Fe(CO)5, Mol. Phys. 97 (1999) 695-699.

 Recent Theses:

John M. Garver, 1995.

Karen Hussong, 1995.

D. M. Engel, Green HeNe laser excited fluorescence of iodine, I2., 1997.

JaCinta Batson, 2002

Brian Brumfield, Electronic to Vibrational Energy Transfer from Cl* (3 2P1/2) to N2O(ν1): Failure of a Simple Kinetic Mechanism, 2005.

David Postell, Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of molecular bromine: Observations of Emission to High Vibrational Levels in the Ground (X) State, 2007.

Robert Forlines, Laser Initiated Chain Reactions: The Kinetics of the Chlorine/Cyclohexane/Oxygen Chain System, 2007

Alex Dolgov, Exploration of Gradient-type Poly(arylene ether)s via an ABB' Monomer System. 2008.

Brian Munson, Electronic to Vibrational Energy Transfer from Cl* (2P1/2) to CH4and CD4, 2009.



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