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Theses Published by the Feld Group 1977 - 2010

1. "Phenylated Bifunctional Monomers," Lucia Serico, 1977.

2. "Evaluation of Poly(p-vinyltrifluoroacetophenone) and Some Derivatives as Stationary Phases For Gas Chromatographic Analysis," David M. Pinson, 1980.

3. "Reaction of Poly(Acrylic acid), Poly(Sodium Acrylate) and Selected Carboxylate-Containing Resins with Aqueous Solutions Containing the Uranyl Ion," S. Tsuji, 1981 (Codirected with C.E. Carraher).

4. "The Effects on Rigidity as a Function of Para-Ethynylphenoxy Linkage in an Acetylene Terminated Thermosetting System," J. Gamble, 1981 (Codirected with F.E. Arnold, Materials Laboratory, WPAFB, OH).

5. "Polyimides Containing Oxyethylene Units," B. Ramalingam, 1981.

6. "Phenylated Poly(Xylylidenes)," A. Ganesan, 1982.

7. "The Synthesis and Selected Reactions of a Series of a,w-Bis(p-Bromophenoxy)alkanes," S. Babirad, 1982.

8. "Synthesis of 5- and 6-(1-Hydroxy-2-aminoethyl)-1-ethoxy-1,2,3-Benzotriazole," D. Evans, 1982.

9. "The Control of Acetylene Terminated Resin Length Via a Low Cost Ullmann Ether Synthesis," M. Unroe, 1982 (Codirected with F.E. Arnold, Materials Laboratory, WPAFB, OH).

10. "The Synthesis and Characterization of Selected Bis(propynoyloxy)aromatics," J. Wehler, 1983.

11. "Synthesis and Characterization of Bis(3-nitro-4-aryloxyphenyl) and Bis(3-amino-4-aryloxyphenyl) Sulfones," S. M. Andrews, 1984.

12. "High Molecular Weight Bis-Phenol Based Acetylene Terminated Resins," J. S. Wallace, 1984 (Codirected with F.E. Arnold, Materials Laboratory, WPAFB, OH).

13. "A Study of the Synthesis of 3-Phenoxy- and 3,6-Diphenoxypyromellitic Dianhydride and A Preliminary Polyimide Investigation," D. Brandelik, 1985.

14. "A Study of the Synthesis of Ethyl Chlorosubstituted Benzotriazoloxyacetates," T. Dang, 1986.

15. "Phenylated Monomer Synthesis: Trans-2,3-Diphenyl-2-butenedial and 3,6-Diphenyl-pyromellitic Dianhydride," S. Liang, 1986.

16. "The Synthesis and Polymerization of 1,2-Bis(4-aminophenoxy)propane," S. Tjugito, 1987.

17. "End Group Analysis of Hexafluoro-Vinylidene Fluoride Copolymers," W.J. Donahue, 1987 (Selected Studies).

18. "A Computational Study of The tensile and Compressive Properties of Ordered Polymers Via the Austin Model 1 (AM1) Semiempirical Molecular Orbital Method," S.G. Wierschke, 1988 (Codirected with I.J. Goldfarb, Materials Laboratory, WPAFB, OH).

19. "Polyimides Based on Nitrogen Linked Diamines and Polybenzothiazoles from A-B Monomer," T.B. Le, 1988.

20. "Polyimides Derived From Alkyl-Substituted Oxyethylene Linked Diamines," M. Gurjar, 1988.

21. "The Synthesis of Rigid-Rod Poly(benzothiazole)s Containing Orthogonal Phenyl Pendents," Y. Chang, 1988.

22. "Polyimides Containing Naphthalene And Oxyethylene Units," K. Paulvannan, August, 1989.

23. "The Synthesis of Bismaleimides Containing Oxyethylene Linkages," J.D.Peak, August, 1989.

24. "The Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Imide Model Compounds," D.L. Routzahn, August, 1990 (Codirected with L.S. Tan, Materials Laboratory, WPAFB, OH).

25. "The Synthesis of Poly(ether ether ketone)s Containing Oxyethylene Units From An AB Monomer," B. Kirk, June 1991.

26. "A Facile Synthesis of 3,4-Dialkoxythiophenes," M.J. Coffey, August, 1991.

27. "The Synthesis of Poly(Ether Ether Ketone)s from Bis(fluorobenzophenone) Monomers Containing Oxyethylene Linkages," B. Patel, June, 1992.

28. "The Synthesis of Poly(Ether Ether Ketone)s Containing Oxyethylene Units," M. Patel, September, 1992.

29. "The Synthesis and Characterization of Selected Fluorinated-Phenylated Poly(imide)s," D. Drake, March, 1993.

30. "Novel Hexafluoropropane Containing Monomers and Polymers," J. Truini-Winzeler, June, 1993.

31. "Synthesis of Trifluoromethyl Containing PBZ Polymers," R. Jennings, August, 1993.

32. "Synthesis and Evaluation of the Second Order Polarizabilities of Novel Benzimidazoles Using Solvatochromism," S. Shanbag, August, 1993.

33. "Polymeric Cyanine Dyes Based Upon 3H-Indole Monomers," S. Gabbard, March 1994.

34. "Conformer Analysis Study of 1,2-Dihalotetrafluoroethanes by Gas Chromatography /Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (GC/FTIR)," M. Roselius, June 1994. (Codirected with J.C. Liang and H. Paige, Materials Laboratory, WPAFB, OH)

35. "An Isothermal Aging Study of Poly(Ether Ether Ketone)s Containing Oxyalkylene Linkages," E. Luo, August, 1994

36. "The Synthesis of Monomeric Precursors of Molecular Switches," C. Brown, August, 1994.

37. "The Synthesis of Poly(Ether Ether Ketone)s Derived from 1,1-Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1-phenyl-2,2,3,3,4,4,4-heptafluorobutane," J. Peterman, August, 1994.

38. "The Synthesis of Polybenzoxazoles Containing Phosphine Oxide and Hexafluoroisopropylidene Linkages," N. Theising, August, 1995.

39. "Conjugated Polymer Systems and Synthesis of Phenylated Aromatic Monomers," T. Nijakowski, March, 1996.

40. "Total Synthesis of the Arylnaphthalene Lignan, Haplomyrtin," T. Gilmore, June, 1996.

41. "31P Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Energy Transduction and Phosphorylation of the Aerobic Photosynthetic Rhizobium, BTAi 1," R. Ingham, August, 1996.

42. "Synthesis and Characterization of High Birefringence Tolane Liquid Crystal Siloxanes," C. McHugh, August, 1996.

43. "Tetraphenylnaphthalene Derivatives for Nonlinear Optical Property Evaluation," D. Stitzel, December, 1996.

44. "Synthesis of a Series of Poly(para-phenylene) Compounds for Nonlinear Optical Property Evaluation," R. Haaga, June, 1998.

45. "The Synthesis of 5,8-Dioxo-5,8-dihydroindeno[2,1-c]fluorenes," E. Lorge, June, 1998.

46. "The Wittig Synthesis of Poly(hexyldiphenylphenylene vinylene)," M. Cheek, August, 1998.

47. "Synthesis of Soluble Poly(p-Phenylene Vinylenes) and Selected Enhancements in the Synthesis of Haplomyrtin," G. Schaaf, June, 1999.

48. "The Synthesis of Brominated 5,8-Dioxo-5,8-dihydroindeno[2,1-c]fluorene and Derivatives," Michelle Torres, June, 1999.

49. "Synthesis of Benzoxazoles Containing Allyl Crosslinking Sites via Claisen Rearrangements," Leslie Hutson, August, 1999. (Link)

50. "Studies Directed at the Synthesis of Trialkoxysilyl Substituted NLO Chromophores Ida. Kuhr," June, 2000. (Link)

51. "The Functionalization of Thermally Stable Third-Order NLO Chromophores," James Sawyer, June 2001. (Link)

52. "The Synthesis of Bromoethoxy and Vinylbenzyloxy Substituted NLO Chromophores," Mike Matuszewski, March 2002. (Link)

53. "Selected Synthetic Studies of NLO p-Bridges and Thermally Stable Monomers," Stacey Fauley, June 2002. (Link)

54. "Synthesis of Disubstituted 5,8-Dioxo-5,8-dihydroindeno[2,1-c]fluorenes," Rachel Smith, June 2003

55. "Synthesis of a Novel Polybenzoxazole Containing the Triphenylphosphine Oxide Functionality," Steve Sims, June 2003

56. "Synthesis of An AB2 PBO Monomer Precursor: 5-(6-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzoxazol-2-yl)isophthalic Acid," Xiao Cui, August 2004.

57. "Synthesis of Poly(ether ether ketone)s Containing a Tertiary Amine Subunit," Kathryn M. McGinty, August 2004.

58. "Synthesis of Phenylated Poly(Aryleneether)s: Phenylated Poly(Ether Ether Ketone Ketones," Tina Dancevic, August 2005.

59. "Challenging Synthesis of Arylnaphthalene Lignans," Shingirai Chirisa, March, 2006.

60. "Hydrogen Storage and the Synthesis of 5,8-Dihydroindeno[2,1-c]fluorenes," Kirby Underwood, June, 2006.

61. "p-Terphenyl Rigid-Rod Polymers with Benzothiazole Pendents for Compressive Strength Applications," Joeseph Shumaker, June, 2006.

62. "Synthesis and Electrical Properties of Fluorenyl Polyesters Incorporating Diamond Fragments," Kevin Wiacek, June, 2007. (Link)

63. "The Synthesis of Phenylated Terephthalates Containing Phenolic Substituents," Lynette Prophyl, June, 2008.

64. "The Synthesis and Characterization of Dialkylimidazolium Lithium Phthalocyanines," John Kelley, August 2008. (Link)

65. "The Synthesis and Characterization of Tetraalkylammonium Lithium Phthalocyanines," Morgan Hart, December 2009. (Link)

66. "Towards the Total Synthesis of Haplomyrtin," Nora Hunter, June 2010. (Link)

67. "Cyclopentadienone Conversions to Terephthalates and Cycloadditions of Alkynes and Azides," Sarah Bragg, June 2011. (Link)

68. “Synthesis of Fluorinated Indenofluorenediones and Bis(2-fluorophenyl) Substituted PPV,” Jeff Fogle, June 2011(Link)

69. “The Synthesis, Reduction and Chlorination of 5-Alkoxy-2,3-diphenylterephthalates,” Rachel Sayers, 2011 (Link)


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