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william a. feld, ph.d. - research

Research Interests

Organic Synthesis

Haplomyrtin is a member of the 1-arylnaphthalene lignan lactone series of natural products. They have attracted considerable attention due to their widespread occurrence in nature and the diverse range of their biological activity. The synthesis of this compound presents several challenges. Standard synthetic procedures have provided several precursors of Haplomyrtin. Thsi system appears to be a candidate for solid phase synthetic techniques as well as combinatorial approaches.

Cyclopentadienones are starting materials for a variety of new materials for NLO applications, OLED polymers and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Carboxylated cyclopentadienones can be converted into terephthalic ester derivatives, which can be converted into indeno[2,1-c]fluorene derivatives in a few steps. Terephthalates can be precursors for bis(chloromethyl)benzenes that can be used as monomers in the preparation of substituted poly(phenylene vinylene)s.

Monomer/Polymer Synthesis

 Conducting and electronically active organic materials offer many advantages over traditional metallic systems - light weight, easy processing, larger variety of forms and wider range of activity. Effective and low cost routes to highly pure monomers that are specifically required for the synthesis of poly(phenylene vinylene) (a conductive polymer), PBT (a structural and electronically active material), polyimides (molecular composite components), and non-linear optical (NLO) materials (fiber optic and photonic device components) are of special interest. The determination of optimum polymerization and processing conditions as well as the synthesis of related systems are being investigated.

Thermally stable and potentially ordered polymers such as polyimides and poly(benzothiazoles) have potential importance as structural materials in the aircraft and automotive industries and as active components in the electronics industry. The determination of structure-property relationships for these polymer systems is an important research area for the "tailoring" of materials for specific applications. The synthesis of these polymers requires careful planning and execution of accepted polymerization techniques and the development of new techniques that account for individual monomer properties. Bifunctional monomers are unique in that they contain both functional groups necessary for the formation of a polymer chain by a condensation reaction. They  offer significant synthetic challenges because of the need to have two mutually reactive groups in the same molecule.

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