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eric fossum, ph.d - Former research group

Visiting Scientist

Dr. Juxiang YangDr. Juxiang Yang


Visiting Scientist

Xi'am University of Arts and Science,

Xi'am, China




Research interests:

Graduate Students

Brady HallBrady Hall


2016 M.S. student, Chemistry


Thesis: "Synthesis, Characterization, and Polymerization of Sulfonamide Based Bifunctional Monomers"


Email: hall.414@wright.edu



Trevor SchumacherTrevor Schumacher


2016 M.S. Chemistry


Thesis: "Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s with Ammonium Groups Located on Pendent Phenyl Sulfonyl Moieties for Anionic Exchange Membranes"


Email: schumacher.25@wright.edu



Kara GeremiaKara Geremia


2015 M.S. Chemistry


Thesis:"Computational Estimation of the pKa's of Purines and Related Compounds"


Email: geremia.4@wright.edu


Abraham KemboiAbraham Kemboi


2015 M.S. Chemistry

Thesis: "Design and Application of Facile Routes to N-Heterocycle Functionalized Poly(arylene ether)s"


Email: kemboi.3@wright.edu



Renata MittonRenata Mitton


2015 M.S. Chemistry


Thesis: "Tuning the Physical Properties of Poly(arylene ether)s Prepared from 3,5-Difluorobenzene Sulfonamides"


Email: mitton.5@wright.edu



Marina AndrejevicMarina Andrejevic


2014 M.S. Chemistry
Thesis, " Functionalized Sulfone and Sulfonamide Based Poly(arylene ether)s"


Email: andrejevic.2@wright.edu



Boakye Godfred Godfred Boakye


2014 M.S. Chemistry

Thesis, "Reactivity Ratio Controlled Polycondensation As a Route to Synthesize Functional Poly(Arylene Ether)s."





Jesse PickerJesse Picker


2014 M.S. Chemistry

Thesis, "Routes to N-Heterocycle Functionalized Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s"


Email: picker.2@wright.edu



Bobby Jo Wehrle


2014 M.S. Chemistry

Thesis, "The Curing and Degradation Kinetics of EPDM Rubber"


Email: wehrle.4@wright.edu



Mary AbrahamMary Abraham


2013 M.S. Chemistry

Thesis, "Dual-Stimuli Responsive Poly(ethylenimine)s with a Tunable LCST for Gene Delivery"





Hunter CookeHunter Cooke


2013 M.S. Chemistry
Thesis, "The Enhancement of Peroxide-Cured Fluorelastomer Rubber to Metal Bonding"




Fadwa ConstaninidisFadwa Constandinidis


2013 M.S. Chemistry
Thesis, "Iodo Containing Sulfone and Sulfonamide Based Poly(arylene ether)s,"


Email: constandinidis.2@wright.edu

Research interests:

Ashley HoangHuong Hoang "Ashley"


2013 M.S. Chemistry

Thesis, "Hydroquinone-based Poly(arylene ether)s with Pendent Benzothiazole Or Benzoxazole and 3-sulfonated Phenyl Sulfonyl Groups for Use as Proton Exchange Membranes"


Email: hoang.7@wright.edu



Courtney SutherlandCourtney Sutherland


2012 M.S. Chemistry

Thesis, "Poly(Arylene) Ethers Prepared From Functionalized 3,5–Difluorotriphenylphosphine Oxide"


Email: sutherland.15@wright.edu


Mehmet TatliMehmet Tatli


2012 M.S. Chemistry

Thesis, "Facile Synthesis of Functionalized Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s"


Email: tatli.2@wright.edu



Paul GardnerPaul Gardner


2011 M.S., Chemistry

Thesis, "Aerosol Jet Printing of LSCF‐CGO Cathode for Solid Oxide
Fuel Cells."


Email: gardner.30@wright.edu


Dorothy OgdenDorothy Ogden


2011 M.S., Chemistry

Thesis, "Modifiable Hyperbranched Polyester Drug Delivery


Email: ogden.9@wright.edu


Kim KernKimberly Kern


2011 M.S., Chemistry

Thesis, "Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s Carrying Pendant(3-sulfonated) phenyl sulfonyl Groups for use as Proton Exchange Membranes"


Email: kern.23@wright.edu




Undergraduate Students

Jasper Van Den HoekJasper Van Den Hoek


Visiting Intern, Undergraduate


Email: jasper.vandenhoek@wright.edu


Research interests:

Ryan SelhorstRyan Selhorst


Undergraduate student, Chemistry


Email: selhorst.16@wright.edu


Current Location: Ph.D. Program

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Bram SpierenburgBram Spierenburg


Visiting Scientist from Utrecht Area, Netherlands




Research interests:

Andria FortneyAndria Fortney


2012 B.S., Chemistry

Email: fortney.5@wright.edu


Current Location: Ph.D. Program

Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University , Pittsburgh, PA.,


Sarah KellySarah Kelly


2012 B.S., Chemistry


Email: kelly.90@wright.edu


Current Location: University of Cincinnati Medical School

Jesse PickerJesse Picker


2012 B.S., Chemistry


Email: picker.2@wright.edu



Fadwa ConstandinidisFadwa Constandinidis


2011 B.S., Chemistry


Email: constandinidis.2@wright.edu


Current Location: M.S. student, Chemistry, Wright State University

Ashley HoangHuong Hoang "Ashley"


2011 B. S., Chemistry , Magna Cum Laude, Departmental Honors Scholar


Email: hoang.7@wright.edu


Current Location: M.S. student, Chemistry, Wright State University



Jennifer Roos - 2013 B.S., Chemistry

Shane Garan - 2011 B.S., Chemistry

Ashley Schultz-Navara - 2011 B. S., Chemistry



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