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Current Higgins Research Members

Former Higgins Group Members

steven higgins, ph.d. - Former research group members

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr. Man XuDr. Man Xu


Postdoctoral Research Associate - 2009-2012

Ph.D., Environmental Science, Ohio State University, 2008


Research interests: mineral-water interfaces, spectroscopic and microscopic methods for interface analysis, environmental chemistry






Dr. Xiaoming Hu


Postdoctoral Research Associate - 2003-09

"Properties of Ca-Rich and Mg-Rich Carbonate Films on Dolomite: Implications for Compositional Surface Mapping with Scanning Force Microscopy " X. Hu, Pablo Cubillas and Steven R. Higgins.
Langmuir, 2010, 26, 4769-4775





Postdoctoral Research Associate - 2005-06

Friction characteristics of Cd-rich carbonate films on calcite surfaces:  Implications for compositional differentiation at the nanometer scale. Cubillas P. and Higgins S. R., Geochemical Transactions, 2009, 10, 7.

Current Location: working on a Leverhulme Fellowship, Univ. of Manchester, UK



Doctorate Graduate Student

Jacquelyn BraccoJacquelyn Bracco


Ph.D. student, Environmental Sciences, 2015


Dissertation: Growth of Sparingly-Soluble AB-type Minerals as a Function of their A:B Ratio


Email: bracco.2@wright.edu



Sweta BoseDr. Sweta Bose

Master's Graduate Students

Tahiru Sulley AddoTahiru Sulley Addo

Dennis LennaertsDennis Lennaerts


M.S. 2013, Analytical Chemistry


Thesis, "Effect of sample history on dissolution rates of gypsum {010} surfaces"


Email: dennis.lennaerts@wright.edu

Mike SmithMike Smith


M.S. 2011 Analytical Chemistry
B.A., Chemistry, Miami University, 2009


Thesis: "Effects of crystal orientation on the dissolution kinetics of calcite by chemical and microscopic analyses"

Current Location: Indiana University.



Michael ManteMichael Mante


M.S. 2010 Analytical Chemistry


Thesis: "Near equilibrium Dissolution of Calcite Using a Flow Through-Reactor"

Email: mante.2@wright.edu



Markeata LeeMarkeata Lee


M.S. Student, Chemistry


Email: lee.184@wright.edu




Undergraduate Students

Brittney CampbellBrittany Campbell


B.S. 2009 Chemistry


Campbell, B. D., Hu, X., and Higgins, S. R. (2009) A computer program for automated step edge motion analysis from scanning probe microscopy images. Surface Science, 603, 1034-1040.


Current location:



Yiscka Gooijer Yiscka Gooijer


Undergraduate Student Intern, 2015



Research interests: Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanolithography

Marit Tuenter Marit Tuenter


Undergraduate Student Intern, 2012


Email: nellie.tuenter@wright.edu


Research interests: Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanolithography

Dennis LennaertsDennis Lennaerts


Undergraduate Student Intern - Utrecht College, Netherlands, 2008-09

Email: dennis.lennaerts@wright.edu


Current Location: Wright State University, Chemistry Graduate Student with Dr. Higgins




Other former members:

Mr. Marco Evertz (Undergraduate Intern, Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences, 2011)

Ms. Kathryn Sullivan (Undergraduate Student-Chemistry, 2011)

Ms. Jenna Malloy (High School Summer Intern, 2009) - student at Centerville High School

Ms. Melinda Watters (Graduate Student - Chemistry, 2006-2008)

Mr. Brandon Tingley (Undergraduate Student-Chemistry, 2007)

Ms. Rosalyn DaSalla (Undergraduate Student, 2007)

Mr. Aaron Huelsman (Undergraduate Student - BS in Chemistry 2003)

Ms. Luann Piazza (Laboratory Assistant, 2004)

Mr. Greg Warren (Undergraduate Student, 2006)


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