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Current Higgins Research Members

Former Higgins Group Members

steven higgins, ph.d. - Former research group members

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr. Man XuDr. Man Xu


Postdoctoral Research Associate - 2009-2012

Ph.D., Environmental Science, Ohio State University, 2008


Research interests: mineral-water interfaces, spectroscopic and microscopic methods for interface analysis, environmental chemistry






Dr. Xiaoming Hu


Postdoctoral Research Associate - 2003-09

"Properties of Ca-Rich and Mg-Rich Carbonate Films on Dolomite: Implications for Compositional Surface Mapping with Scanning Force Microscopy " X. Hu, Pablo Cubillas and Steven R. Higgins.
Langmuir, 2010, 26, 4769-4775





Postdoctoral Research Associate - 2005-06

Friction characteristics of Cd-rich carbonate films on calcite surfaces:  Implications for compositional differentiation at the nanometer scale. Cubillas P. and Higgins S. R., Geochemical Transactions, 2009, 10, 7.

Current Location: working on a Leverhulme Fellowship, Univ. of Manchester, UK



Doctorate Graduate Student

Master's Graduate Students

Tahiru Sulley AddoTahiru Sulley Addo

Dennis LennaertsDennis Lennaerts


M.S. 2013, Analytical Chemistry


Thesis, "Effect of sample history on dissolution rates of gypsum {010} surfaces"


Email: dennis.lennaerts@wright.edu

Mike SmithMike Smith


M.S. 2011 Analytical Chemistry
B.A., Chemistry, Miami University, 2009


Thesis: "Effects of crystal orientation on the dissolution kinetics of calcite by chemical and microscopic analyses"

Current Location: Indiana University.



Michael ManteMichael Mante


M.S. 2010 Analytical Chemistry


Thesis: "Near equilibrium Dissolution of Calcite Using a Flow Through-Reactor"

Email: mante.2@wright.edu



Markeata LeeMarkeata Lee


M.S. Student, Chemistry


Email: lee.184@wright.edu




Undergraduate Students

Brittney CampbellBrittany Campbell


B.S. 2009 Chemistry


Campbell, B. D., Hu, X., and Higgins, S. R. (2009) A computer program for automated step edge motion analysis from scanning probe microscopy images. Surface Science, 603, 1034-1040.


Current location:



Yiscka Gooijer Yiscka Gooijer


Undergraduate Student Intern, 2015



Research interests: Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanolithography

Marit Tuenter Marit Tuenter


Undergraduate Student Intern, 2012


Email: nellie.tuenter@wright.edu


Research interests: Atomic Force Microscopy and Nanolithography

Dennis LennaertsDennis Lennaerts


Undergraduate Student Intern - Utrecht College, Netherlands, 2008-09

Email: dennis.lennaerts@wright.edu


Current Location: Wright State University, Chemistry Graduate Student with Dr. Higgins




Other former members:

Mr. Marco Evertz (Undergraduate Intern, Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences, 2011)

Ms. Kathryn Sullivan (Undergraduate Student-Chemistry, 2011)

Ms. Jenna Malloy (High School Summer Intern, 2009) - student at Centerville High School

Ms. Melinda Watters (Graduate Student - Chemistry, 2006-2008)

Mr. Brandon Tingley (Undergraduate Student-Chemistry, 2007)

Ms. Rosalyn DaSalla (Undergraduate Student, 2007)

Mr. Aaron Huelsman (Undergraduate Student - BS in Chemistry 2003)

Ms. Luann Piazza (Laboratory Assistant, 2004)

Mr. Greg Warren (Undergraduate Student, 2006)


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