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Vladimir Katovic, ph.d - COurses

CHM312: Quantitative Analysis. Introduction to chemical methods of analysis covering traditional as well as modern techniques and equipment; emphasis on calculations and the interpretation of analytical data.

CHM314: Quantitative Analysis Laboratory. Experimental methods of analysis.

CHM421: Inorganic Chemistry. Principles and concepts of inorganic chemistry including the periodic table, atomic structure, chemical bonding, coordination compounds, and an introduction to group theory.

CHM425: Advanced Inorganic Synthesis and Characterization. Advanced synthesis and characterization of representative inorganic compounds.

CHM437/537 - Electroanalytical Chemistry. Fundamental principles of electrochemistry and the application of electrochemical methods to chemistry and chemical analysis.

CHM721 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry II. Thorough examination of the chemistry of metals stressing the transition elements, ligand field theory, and mechanisms of inorganic reactions.

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