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CHM1070: Chemistry of Our World, Energy and the Environment. Examination of gaseous and liquid states and thermochemistry as a basis for understanding air and water quality and fossil and nuclear fuels. Attention to the chemistry of the solar system.

CHM3020/5020: *Environmental Chemistry. Water, air, and soil chemistry including pollutants added to these environments and how they interact to create environmental problems.

CHM4020/6020: *Advanced Environmental Chemistry And Analysis. Environmental sampling and analysis using instrumental techniques. Chemical fate prediction by measurement and examination of physical and chemical properties.

Advanced Environmental Chemistry and Analysis (CHM 4020/6020) has a Service-Learning component as the laboratory portion of the course.  In Fall Quarter 2011, students in the course developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) for monitoring water quality in Glen Helen Nature Preserve at Antioch College.  Students also partnered with non-science majors in the “Global Water” course at Antioch College and trained them in water sampling techniques.  The results of the course were prepared in a poster presentation that is available on WSU’s CORE http://core.libraries.wright.edu/handle/2374.WSU/5719

CHM7180/ES7180: Chemical Processes in the Environment. Skills are developed to predict behavior and movement of chemical contaminants in atmospheric, aquatic, and soil systems. Physical and chemical properties of contaminants and environmental interactions are evaluated to determine their ultimate fate.

*Environmental Fate Chemistry available through Chemistry and Environmental Sciences Program.

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