Wright State University
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Department of Chemistry

202 Oelman Hall
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IOana e. pavel Sizemore, ph.d

Courses taught at Wright State University, Ohio:

CHM 121 - General Chemistry 1: Submicroscopic Chemistry. Structure and Properties of atoms and molecules
and the macroscopic consequences thereof.

CHM 123 - General Chemistry 3: Quantitative aspects of chemistry; emphasis on computational and experimental estimation of the composition of chemical systems.

CHM 125 - General Chemistry 1 Lab: Examination of the principles of General Chemistry 1 through experimentation.

CHM 499 (Undergraduate Research): Special Problems in Chemistry

CHM 800 (Graduate): Seminar

CHM855-10 (3 credits) and CHM899-22 (1 credit) Introduction to nanoscience and technology.

CHM 899 (Graduate Research): Special Problems in Chemistry

BMS 995 (Non-Dissertation Research): within the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program

BMS 996 (Laboratory Rotation I): within the Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program



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