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Current Group Activities

Former Group Activities

Group News and Events:

Group News and Events:

  • Kevin Dorney, First place Award for the Oral Presentation of "Routes to Single-Molecule SERRS-based Detection using Concentrated, Unfunctionalized Silver nanoparticles." at the The 6th Annual Cleveland State Interdisciplinary Research Conference (CSIRC), November 3rd, 2012, Cleveland, OH.
  • C.B. Anders, J. D. Baker, A. C. Stahler, A. Williams, J. N. Sisco, J. C. Trefry, D. P. Wooley, and I. E. Pavel Sizemore, Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration: A “Green” Method for the Size Selection and Concentration of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles, Journal of Visualized Experiment, e4167, 2012, 1-9.
  • Joshua Baker -Thesis Defense, July 26, 2012, 10:00 AM, 449 Oelman Hall
  • Adam Stahler, Wright State University, 2012 Graduate Student Excellence Award
  • Catherine Anders Wright State University, College of Science and Mathematics (CoSM), 2012 Outstanding GTA Teaching Award

IOana e. pavel Sizemore, ph.d - Former research Members

Visiting Scientist/Faculty

Joan EssonDr. Joan M. Esson


Visiting Faculty Member,
Associate professor of Chemistry
Otterbein University, Westerville, Ohio

Email: joan.esson@wright.edu


Research interests: Analytical Chemistry, including Raman spectroscopy for the measurement of emerging contaminants, and electrochemical and nanoparticle-based assays for polyionic drugs




Sushil KanelDr. Sushil Kanel


Visiting Scientist

National Research Council Visiting Scholar,
Research Associate at AFIT, WPAFB, Ohio


Email: sushil.kanel@wright.edu


Graduate Students

Kevin Dorney Kevin Dorney


2014 M.S., Chemistry
Thesis: “A Chemical Free Approach for Increasing the Biochemical Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)-Based Sensing Capabilities of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles.”

Current Location : Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant at University of Colorado, Boulder.




Michelle Edwards Michelle Edwards


2014 M.S., Chemistry

Thesis: "Stop Cheating!: An Evaluation of a Scientific Integrity Writing Strategy In General Chemistry I"


Email: edwards.210@wright.edu



Jessica Fraley Jessica Fraley


M.S. student, Chemistry


Email: fraley.34@wright.edu


Research interests: Environmental Health and Safety of Nanotechnology

Jessica DagherJessica Dagher


M.S. student, Chemistry


Email: dagher.2@wright.edu


Research interests:environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and toxicology

Cathy AndersCatherine Binns Anders


2012 M.S., Chemistry

Thesis: "A SERS and SEM-EDX Study of the Antiviral Mechanism of Creighton Silver Nanoparticles Against Vaccinia Virus"

Current Location: Ph.D. Program in Biomolecular Sciences, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho



Joshua BakerJoshua Baker


2012 M.S. , Chemistry
Thesis: "Near single-molecule SERS–based detection using ultrafiltered, unfunctionalized silver nanoparticles,"



Research interests: analytical chemistry, microscopy, bio-nanotechnology, nanotoxicology.

Adam StahlerAdam Stahler


2012 M.S. , Chemistry

Thesis: "Micro-Raman Imaging and Hyperspectral Analysis of Tibiotarsi from Chick Embryos Exposed to Sublethal Doses of Platinum Group Metals,"

Email: stahler.5@wright.edu


Research interests:Raman spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, nanotechnology, biology

Arathi PaluriArathi Sesha L. Paluri


2011 M.S., Pharmacology & Toxicology

Thesis: "Synthesis, Characterization and Manipulation of Creighton Silver Nanoparticles for Future Cytotoxicity Studies"

Current Location: Ph.D.student at Wright State University
(supervisor: Dr. Ioana Pavel)

Email: paluri.2@wright.edu




Marjorie MarkopoulosMarjorie Markopoulos


2011 M.S., Pharmacology and Toxicology
Non-Thesis: Review Topic Presentation:
"Defining Criteria for Nanotoxicology"

Current Location: Ph.D.student at Wright State University
(supervisor: Dr. Ioana Pavel)


Jennifer MonahanJennifer Monahan


2010 M.S., Analytical Chemistry
Thesis: "Skeletal Pathology of Tibiotarsi in Chick Embryos Exposed to Platinum Group Metals by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy"


Current Location: Ph.D.student at Northeastern University, Boston, MA (supervisor: Dr. Max Diem)


Candra McDonaldCandra McDonald


(B.S. in Biology), Grad Prep student


Email: candra.mcdonald@wright.edu


Research interests: Bio-nanotechnology

Khadijeh AlnajjarKhadijeh S. Alnajjar


Laboratory Rotation Member

Ph.D. student, Biomedical Sciences Program


Research interests:


Todd LewisTodd W. Lewis


Laboratory Rotation Member

Ph.D. student, Biomedical Sciences Program


Research interests:


Kelly LeachKelly Leach


Laboratory Rotation Member

Ph.D. student, Biomedical Sciences Program


Research interests:


Nora HunterNora Hunter


Laboratory Rotation Member

Ph.D. student, Environmental Chemistry

Email: hunter.29@wright.edu




Undergraduate Students

Nhi LamNhi Lam


undergraduate student, Chemistry




Current Location: Wright State University's Boonshoft School of Medicine

Emily ArtzEmily Artz


undergraduate student, Chemistry





Research interests: Bio-nanotechnology

Tala EbrahimianTala Ebrahimian


undergraduate student, Clinical Laboratory Sciences


Email: ebrahimian.3@wright.edu



Research interests: Bio-nanotechnology

Tazeen AhmedTazeen Ahmed


undergraduate student, Chemistry


Email: ahmed.41@wright.edu


Current Location: Wright State University's Boonshoft School of Medicine



Trevor BobkaTrevor Bobka


2014 B.S., Chemistry


Email: bobka.2@wright.edu




Allie MeyerhoeferAllie Meyerhoefer


2013 B.S., Earth and Environmental Sciences, Health Sciences Concentration


Email: meyerhoefer.3@wright.edu

2011 Summer Undergraduate Research/Scholarship Recipient


Current Location: Environmental Compliance Speedway LLC


Zachery ArnoldZachary Arnold


2014 B.S., Chemistry


Email: arnold.94@wright.edu



Current Location: Law Clerk at Starkey Law Firm, LLC



Diane IragenaDiane Iragena


2012 B.S., Chemistry


Email: iragena.2@wright.edu


Current Location: Wright State University's Boonshoft School of Medicine


Tai LamTai Lam


2012 B.S., Clinical Laboratory Science


Email: lam.5@wright.edu




Austin WilliamsAustin Williams


2012 B.S., Clinical Laboratory Science

Department Research Honors Program


Email: williams.582@wright.edu

Current Location: Wright State University's Boonshoft School of Medicine


Alice ChangAlice Chang


2012 B.S., Chemistry





Research interests: nanotechnology

julielyNiyogushima Juliely


undergraduate student, Chemistry Summer Research Intern

Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, North Carolina


2012 STREAMS - 2012 Scholars Program Awardee


Research interests: Chemistry with focus on nanotechology/nanoparticles

Kent WeaverKent Weaver


undergraduate student, Physics Eng. and Chemistry


Email: weaver.99@wright.edu



Research interests: research and development of current technology


Garrett Dean Case



Current Location: Wright State University, Biomedical Engineering

E-mail: case.26@wright.edu

Research interests: bio-nanotechnology



Jerry K. Lawson



Current Location: Wright State University, College of Science and Mathematics


Research interests: Analytical Chemistry




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