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Group News and Events:

  • Kevin Dorney, First place Award for the Oral Presentation of "Routes to Single-Molecule SERRS-based Detection using Concentrated, Unfunctionalized Silver nanoparticles." at the The 6th Annual Cleveland State Interdisciplinary Research Conference (CSIRC), November 3rd, 2012, Cleveland, OH.
  • C.B. Anders, J. D. Baker, A. C. Stahler, A. Williams, J. N. Sisco, J. C. Trefry, D. P. Wooley, and I. E. Pavel Sizemore, Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration: A “Green” Method for the Size Selection and Concentration of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles, Journal of Visualized Experiment, e4167, 2012, 1-9.
  • Joshua Baker -Thesis Defense, July 26, 2012, 10:00 AM, 449 Oelman Hall
  • Adam Stahler, Wright State University, 2012 Graduate Student Excellence Award
  • Catherine Anders Wright State University, College of Science and Mathematics (CoSM), 2012 Outstanding GTA Teaching Award

IOana e. pavel Sizemore, ph.d - research group

Sushil KanelDr. Sushil Kanel


Visiting Scientist

National Research Council Visiting Scholar,
Research Associate at AFIT, WPAFB, Ohio


Email: sushil.kanel@wright.edu


Seth BrittleSeth Brittle


Ph.D. student, Environmental Sciences




Research interests: Nanotoxicology and Environmental Sciences

Marjorie MarkopoulosMarjorie Markopoulos


Ph.D. student, Biomedical Sciences Program

M.S., Wright State University, Pharmacology and Toxicology


Email: marjorie.markopoulos@wright.edu


Research interests: nanotoxicology, environmental chemistry, and chemical hygienee

Arathi PaluriArathi Sesha L. Paluri


Ph.D. student, Biomedical Sciences Program

M.S., Wright State University, Pharmacology and Toxicology


Email: paluri.2@wright.edu



Research interests: nanotoxicology

Dan FooseDan Foose


M.S. student, Chemistry


Email: foose.3@wright.edu


Research interests: Research interests: Raman spectroscopy, chemometrics, and nanotechnology

Kevin O'NeilKevin O'Neil


M.S. student, Chemistry


Email: oneil.16@wright.edu


Research interests:Research interests: Raman spectroscopy, chemometrics, and nanotechnology

Emily ArtzEmily Artz


undergraduate student, Chemistry





Research interests: Bio-nanotechnology

Cody Blair Fourman Cody Blair Fourman


undergraduate student, Chemistry





Research interests: Bio-nanotechnology

Nhi LamNhi Lam


undergraduate student, Chemistry





Research interests: Bio-nanotechnology

Tala EbrahimianTala Ebrahimian


undergraduate student, Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Email: ebrahimian.3@wright.edu


Research interests: Bio-nanotechnology




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