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IOana e. pavelSizemore, ph.d - research instrumentation

Raman spectroscopy laboratory


State of the art LabRam HR 800 system (Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc.) equipped with:

High resolution confocal Raman microscope (high stability BX41)

High quality TV color camera for microscope

800 mm focal length spectrograph

1800 and 600 grooves/mm holographic gratings

Open electrode thermo-electric cooled CCD detector (1024x256 pixels)

SWIFT fast mapping option

High accuracy computer controller motorized XY mapping stage (travel range 100 x 80mm2, step size 0.1mm) and joystick

Computer controlled microscope Z motion

High speed computer controlled Visible Autofocus system

LabSpec 5 and Origin 8 software

Laser kits

633 nm excitation line kit: internally mounted 17 mW HeNe laser and filter set LFI633

532 nm excitation line kit: externally mounted 50 mW DPSS laser, filter set LFI532, and easy-switching mirrors EXT-LAS-CMIR


Cary 50 UV-Vis absorption spectrophotometer (Varian Inc.)

Varian UV-VIs

Cary Eclipse Fluorescence

  • Equipped with an unique patented Xe-Flash lamp module
  • Fast scanning monochromators - maximum scan rate of 24,000 nanometers (nm) per minute
  • Data collection rate of 80 points per second
  • Due to 80 Hz flash of lamp, measurements can be taken every 12.5 ms


  • Four collection modes: Fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemi/bio-luminescence, and time resolved phosphorescence
  • Fast kinetics: scans at 24,000 nm/min without peak shifts using Xenon flash lamp technology and up to 80 points per second in steady-state fluorescence mode
  • High sensitivity: red-sensitive photomultiplier tube detectors extend to 900 nm



Additional instrumentation being utilized by the Pavel Research Group:

Varian Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Varian Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES)
Micromeritics Surface and Porosity Analyzer

CEM Explorer Hybrid 12 Microwave
Tangential Flow Ultrafiltration System


Students in thePavel Research Group also have access to some of the instrumentation in the Microscopy Center which is part of the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine.

Due to the kindness of my collaborator at the WPAFB, Dr. Daniel Felker, our group could utilize free of charge a scanning electron microscope (SEM) microscope with Energy Dispersive Spectrometry capabilities (EDS), model EVO LS 10 Series from Zeiss Inc. Key features include class leading X-ray geometry, class leading secondary electron imaging in variable pressure, high brightness LaB6 source option, clean pumping technology with fast pump down, and high repeatability stage with large stage movements. The EVO LS 10 microscope is an environmental SEM providing the capability to prevent dehydration artefacts in the microscopy of life science specimens.

Chemical fume hoods, an analytical balance, a 40-220 rpm clinical rotator, an accuSpin Micro 17 ventilated microcentrifuge with 24-place rotor, basic ceramic stirring hotplates, a 500 series economy lab oven, a vortex mixer-pulsing,a water-bath, and so on.

Cell culture room- Current in development

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