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paul seybold, ph.d - COurses

Courses taught at Wright State University:

•Chemistry 102: An introduction to organic chemistry and biochemistry, intended mainly for students in the health sciences.

• Chemistry 319: Chemical Literature and Composition. An introduction to the chemical literature, electronic databases, résumé preparation, etc. Includes practice in preparing manuscripts and essays, and giving scientific presentations

Chemistry 453: Statistical mechanics and chemical kinetics.

• Chemistry 700: Principles of Instruction in Chemistry. A survey of available instructional methods and aids, safety procedures, and other topics.

• Chemistry 750: Introduction to Quantum Chemistry. An introduction to the basic concepts of quantum theory as applied to chemistry. Includes some matrix algebra, HMO theory, and applications.

• Chemistry 850: Quantum Chemistry. A study of modern methods of calculating the properties of molecules, including molecular mechanics, semi-empirical molecular orbital methods, and ab initio methods.

• Chemistry 855: Complexity. An interdisciplinary introduction to the principles of complex systems, including fractal analysis, chaos, and cellular automata models.

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