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Kenneth turnbull, ph.d. - Former group Members

Karunakar ReddyKarunakar Madaram


2016 M.S. , Organic Chemistry


Thesis: "ROUTES TO 1,3,4 OXADIAZOL-2(3H)-ONES"



Amanda BalaguerAmanda Balaguer


2011 M.S. , Organic Chemistry

Thesis: "Routes to Acylated Sydnone Esters"




Eric DihrkopEric Dihrkop


2010 M.S, Organic Chemistry.

Thesis: "Routes to Sydno [3,4-a] quinoxalines"


Current Location:

Isotec, Miamisburg, OH




Amber RumpleAmber Rumple


2010 M.S., Organic Chemistry.
Thesis "Routes to Acylated Sydnones Utilizing Microwave


Current Location: Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia Institute of Technology , Atlanta, GA
Eckert-Liotta Joint Research Group

email: arumple3@gatech.edu

Nigel ChitiyoNigel Chitiyo


2009 M.S., Organic Chemistry

Thesis "Lithiation reactions of 3-(4-chlorophenyl) sydnone and 3-(4-methylphenyl) sydnone"


Current Location:




Ryan VikanRyan Vikan


2007 M.S., Organic Chemistry

Thesis: "Formation of a Sydno-[3,4-a]-indolone and Reactions Thereof"


Current Location: Assistant Chemist at Nease Corporation, Cincinnati, OH




Greg Storer


2007 M.S., Organic Chemistry

Thesis: "Synthetic Routes to a Fused-Ring Sydnoquinazoline"


Current Location: Associate Scientist at Pfizer,




Tim TeschlerTim Teschler


2007 M.S., Organic Chemistry

Thesis: "Preparation and Derivatization of Novel Sydnonimines and their Esters"


Current Location: Chemical Abstracts Service, Columbus. OH




Avafia DossaAvafia Dossa


2006 M.S., Organic Chemistry

Thesis: "Routes to Functionalized ortho-Alkynyl and Fused-Ring


Current Location: General Surgery Resident at Wright State Boonshoft, Department of Surgery




S. KattaSujatha Katta


2006 M.S., Organic Chemistry

Thesis: "Manipulations with Fused-ring Sydnones"


Current Location:




Amin AleenAmin Aleem


2005 M.S., Organic Chemistry

Thesis: "Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution of 3-(3,5-


Current Location: Financial Management Specialist at DFAS, Atlanta, GA




Jennifer Fisher MahoneyJennifer Mahoney


2005 M.S., Organic Chemistry

Thesis: "Bismuth Triflate Catalyzed Friedel-Crafts Acylations of Sydnones"


Current Location: Formulations Scientist at The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, Marysville, OH.





LiHong SunLiHong Sun


2005 M.S., Organic Chemistry

Thesis: "Lithiation of Mono- and Di- Methoxy Substituted Arylsydnones"


Current Location:





Dan BrownDan Brown


M.S. student, Organic Chemistry

Poster Presentation with R. Vikan, K. Turnbull, "Formation of a Sydno-[3, 4-a]-Indolone and Reactions Thereof." Posters in the Hall, Wright State University, June 4, 2010


Research interests:

Email: brown.474@wright.edu

Undergraduate Students

Kyle OxmanKyle Oxman
Ashley ClarkAshley Clark
Casey DavidsonCasey Davidson
Jeffrey MoreheadJeffrey Morehead
Jennifer BensonJennifer Benson
Kyle LiddyKyle Liddy

2012 Research Group



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